Juliette Armand Clarifying Active Lotion


Clarifying Lotion active , like other productsspecialized against the acne of the Elements series Juliette Armand, form a very important link in the total and permanent reduction of acne.


The main ingredient is Canadian Willowherb , a substance found in all products of this line. This has an antibacterial effect, increases the immunity and offers a restorative effect and a clarification of the troubled face.

This cleansing lotion is specially designed for oily and combination skin with an acne tendency. It clarifies and clears pores, removes excess oil, acts as a cumulative agent and provides a strong lightening effect.

Apply a small amount with circular motions then remove with a cotton ball.

Other main ingredients: Mint essential oil, Calendula extract, Mandarin extract, Mimosa extract, Acnacidol and Azeloglycina.


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