Juliette Armand Vitamin-B-Complex Serum


Soothing serum enhanced with B complex vitamins for irritated and sensitive skin. It moisturizes and relieves the skin from irritation and erythema. Ideal for skins with dermatitis and spider veins.


Serum containing vitamins B5 and B6 for a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant action. B6 vitamin is present in many enzymatic systems and in the composition and metabolism of cellular amin oacids and DNA. It has regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties and helps to combat seborrheal dermatitis. B5 vitamin increases skin hydration, by preventing intradermal moisture loss. It accelerates the healing of injuries and reduces skin irritations and erythema.

After intensive peeling treatments (phyto-peeling, AHA peeling), in cases of excessive skin irritation, and skin with broken capillaries. Ideal for daily use, even on very “reactive” skin.


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